Environmental Policy Statement

The scope of our statement

The design, manufacture, installation and service of environmental, pharmaceutical and plant growth chambers in a range of sizes from benchtop to drive-in, covering conditions such as humidity, temperature and altitude.

Weiss Technik UK Environmental Policy Statement

Weiss Technik UK Limited are committed to meeting all relevant environmental legislation and to take a close and responsible interest in the environmental impact of all operations in which they are involved.

The company will therefore seek to act in accordance with good practice and, wherever possible, endeavor to enhance the quality of the environment by ensuring:

  • That the directors, managers and staff of the company will be required to ensure that departments for which they are responsible will comply with current prescribed environmental standards and will regard those standards as a minimum requirement

Particular attention will be paid to the following areas:

  • The effectiveness of maintenance operations in areas, which are likely to present problems to the environment
  • The control of substances that may be hazardous to health and/or the environment
  • The use of energy in the company's premises and the adoption of conservation measures to reduce energy consumption
  • The prevention of unnecessary waste production and the control, re-use and recycling of waste where possible
  • The briefing of directors, managers and staff to be aware of operational and maintenance standards and the associated environmental obligations and considerations

By implementing and managing this policy, it is Weiss Technik UK Limited's aim to contribute to the effective improvement of environmental performance at its premises and in all its operations and activities.