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Weiss Technik UK offer a wide range of environmental simulation test products to suit a variety of applications dependent upon user requirements.

Please browse our sample of research studies that have relied on the use our products.


Model: Fitotron® SGC 120
Year: 2017
Document: Effects of sucrose concentrations on increase in bulb of in vitro regenerated hyancinth (Hyacinthus orientalis L.) bulblets
Sample/Keywords: Hyacinthus orientalis L.

Model: Fitotron® SGC120
Year: 2017
Sample/Keywords: Monocots / Seed Growth

Model: Fitotron® Vernalisation Room
Year: 2017
Sample/Keywords: Divergence of annual and perennial species in the Brassicaceae and the contribution of cis-acting variation at FLC orthologues

Model: N/A
Year: N/A
Document: Link
Publication: N/A